Bot Commands

Bot Commands
These commmands should be typed in the channel. They are used by typing “(shortnick) command). To know the shortnick of the bot, type !shortnick. Commands that are not public can’t be used until you login.

Please note: some commands may not work if certain channelmodes arn’t on. Please refer to the Chanset command.

Public Commands
ops List the users that can have an op in a channel.
server The server the bot is on.
time The time according to the bot.
date The date according to the bot.
version View the eggdrop- and the multi.tcl script-version.
queue View the current queue in the bot.
uptime View various uptime information.
ping Makes the bot ping you for lag testing purposes.
count Counts the users in the channel.
dbcount Counts the users in the bots database.
status Lists info about the bot.
chaninfo (#channel) Lists info about (#channel).
chanowner (#channel) Gives the chanowner of (#channel).
channels Lists all the channels the bot is on, with the number of users in the channel.
userlist (#channel) Displays the userlist of (#channel).
seenstats Some seen statistics (only works if channel is on +seen)
seen (nick) When was the last time (nick) was seen by the bot in the channel (only works if channel is on +seen).
verify (nick) List (nick)’s level in the current chan.
Chanop Commands
op (nick…nick) When (nick) is omitted, the bot will op you. Otherwise it will op the nicknames specified.
Channelmasters can use * as nick to issue a massop.
deop (nick…nick) When (nick) is omitted, the bot will deop you. Otherwise it will deop the nicknames specified.
voice (nick…nick) When (nick) is omitted, the bot will voice you. Otherwise it will voice the nicknames specified.
Channelmasters can use * as nick to issue a massvoice.
devoice (nick…nick) When (nick) is omitted, the bot will devoice you. Otherwise it will devoice the nicknames specified.
Channelmasters can use * as nick to issue a massdevoice.
kick (nick) (reason) Kick (nick) for (reason).
ban (nick) (duration) (reason) Ban and kick (nick) for (reason). (duration) is in minutes. 0 for perm
banmask (hostmask) (duration) (reason) Ban and kick (hostmask) for (reason). (duration) is in minutes. 0 for perm
unban (mask) Remove (mask) from the banlist.
banlist Lists all the bans of the channel present in the bot.
mode (+/- mode) Changes the mode from the channel. Default are +nt. Other modes available: i l m p s k. Check your IRC-client’s manual for a list of what these do.
topic (topic) Changes the topic in channel to (topic)
say (message) Make the bot say something.
act (message) Make the bot send /me (message) to the channel.
Chanmaster Commands
add (nick) (level) Will add (nick) with the level of (level) to the bot. You give a level to someone that is lower than yours.

Channel levels:

  • Chanvoice: will be automaticly voiced on join if chanset autovoice is set.
  • Chanop
  • Chanbot: will be automaticly opped on join!! BE CAREFULL!!
  • Chanmaster
  • Chanowner: highest level in a channel.

Global levels:

  • Globalop
  • Master
  • Owner
  • Oper: This is intended to add ircoperators to the list. Almost like global operator.
addbadchan (channel) (reason) Add blacklisted channelname (user gets kicked if he’s on one of these channels when channel is on +badchan).
rembadchan (channel) Removes (channel) from the list of bad channels.
listbadchan List blacklisted channels.
chanset (+/- settings) Changes the settings of the channel. The available settings are:

  • enforcebans: automatically kick all users that match a ban set by someone in the channel.
  • dynamicbans: maintain the banlist and only set bans if neccessary.
  • userbans: allow users to set banmodes in the channel.
  • autoop: automatically op users wich are chanop on join (BE CAREFULL!!)
  • bitch: only users with access may have ops.
  • greet: greet users on join with an infoline set and turns on welcomenotices.
  • protectops: reop known ops when they are deopped by someone else.
  • protectfriends: reop users with a +f flag when they are deopped by someone else.
  • dontkickops: don’t kick known ops in case they are bad.
  • inactive: temporary removes the bot from the channel.
  • statuslog: logs the channelstatus.
  • revenge/revengebot: punish the user if they kick or deop the bot (carefull, this could be the origin of a nice kick-flood).
  • secret: makes the channel secret.
  • autovoice: automatically voice users wich are chanvoice on join.
  • cycle: cycle the channel when the bot becomes opless and no-one else is there.
  • seen: log seen data and activate seen commands in channel.
  • nodesynch: synch channel (only usefull when using synch bots, wich is not the case :-)).
  • topiclock: lock the topic (the bot won’t let you change topics).
  • chanvoice: voices everyone on join.
  • norejoin: don’t allow rejoins when kicked.
  • nocolor: don’t allow colors in the channel.
  • nonotice: don’t allow notices towards the channel.
  • noctcp: don’t allow ctcp’s towards the channel.
  • nospam: don’t allow url’s and other channelnames in the channel.
  • cmaster: enable gnuworld channelservice support.
  • cmrevenge: use gnuworld for revenge if deopped/kicked.
  • cminvite: if gnuworld splits and channel is +i, unset +i, reset when service is back.
  • badword: don’t allow the use of bad words.
  • badchan: no blacklisted channelnames.
  • norepeat: repeating is not allowed
  • membersonly: only users known by the bot are allowed on the channel.
  • dynamicexempts: maintain the exemptlist and only set bans if neccessary.
fixmode (setings) Changes the forced modes for a channel. By default, this is +nt.
clean Removes all unknown clients from the channel
del (nick) Deletes (nick)’s access from the channel
greet (message) The bot will send a notice to everyone who joins with the the specified message. To toggle if this should be done, use the greet chanset. To enhance the greet a bit we defined certain variables you can use to spice it up a bit, these values will get replaced with there meaning.

  • %N : Nickname of the user joining.
  • %H : user@host of the joining user.
  • %S : the server the bot is using.
  • %C : the name of the channel.
  • %L : the level of the user in the channel.
  • %U : the userid of the joining user.
  • %B : the name of the bot.
chanflood (0/3-10) Set the lines a person can type within 10 seconds. If this value is exceeded, the bot will kick him. Use 0 to disable.
ctcpflood (0/3-10) Set the channelCTCP’s a person can send within 10 seconds. If this value is exceeded, the bot will kick him. Use 0 to disable.
nickflood (0/3-10) Sets the number of times a user can change his nick within 10 seconds. If this value is exceeded, the bot will kick him. Use 0 to disable.
Chanowner Commands
cycle Cycle the bot in the channel.
drop (#channel) Remove the (#channel). THIS IS PERMENENT! Only use this if you no longer want the bot.
join (#channel) Makes the bot join your channel again if you parted it before.
part (#channel) Makes the bot temporary part the channel.
Globalop Commands
msg (nick) (message) Message (nick) with (message).
gethost (nick) Displays the host(s) (nick) has in the bot.
Global master Commands
operlist View the IRCopers known in the bot.
rehash Rehash the bot.
banner (message) Broadcast a message to all channels the bot is in.
gbanner (message) Broadcast a message to all channels the bot is in AND to the botnet. This is used to announce important changes throughout all channels the botservice provides.
rehashall Rehash all the bots in the botnet.
purge (#channel) (reason) Permanently purge the bot from (#channel) with(reason)
away (reason) Set bot away.
back Set bot back.
save Save everything (normally this happens every hour).
allbans View global banlist.
Global owner Commands
nick (newnick) (shortnick) Changes the bots nick to (newnick) and the shortnick to (shortnick). This stays active until the bot is rehashed/restarted. Change config to make these values permanent instead.
lock (#channel) Locks (#channel). In other words, it puts modes +stnml and clean every non botlending member out.
unlock (#channel) unlocks (#channel)
jump (server) Switch server.
die (reason) Kills the bot with (reason).
restart restarts the bot
BotOwner Commands
gdel (nick) Completely delete a user from the bot.